Polyester is a kind of synthetic yarn made of oil derivatives . Polyester yarns, which are oil derivatives, can be produced as filaments.
Our polyester yarn range includes bright, super bright, semi-dull, full-dull yarns. We also produce high-volume textured polyesters by using special texturing techniques and offer our monofilament and multifilament yarns in various deniers and types; trilobal, round or flat cross-section. We use eco-friendly dye stuff when our customers demand colored yarns.

Polyamide, which is a synthetic fiber, also known as nylon thread among the people, is a type of thread used in all areas including technical textiles. The mechanical durability of the nylon yarn, which is frequently used in the clothing industry, is also very strong.

Our nylon yarns especially are used in drapery, circular knitting, weaving, 3D spacer, sandwich fabric, underwear, socks, shoe counting, knitwear, fancy yarn production, sim yarn reinforcement, narrow weaving, raschel knitting, or weaving warps.

We also offer our monofilament and multifilament yarns in various denier triangular (trilobal) or flat section (rectangular), bright and round section, semi-filament yarns and their colors suitable for a variety of end-use.